About Us

As the Department of CSE has grown, both from faculty members, alumni and current students, there were demands for a platform for collaboration based on common pride of CSE, SUST. Based on this in 2018, there was a grand reunion on the occasion of celebration of silver jubilee of CSE, SUST. During the reunion, CSE Alumni Association was formed and the draft Constitution was approved as majority of alumnus and students were present. Therefore the first executive committee for the SUST CSE Alumni Association was formed based on nomination process which was unanimously agreed upon. Professor Md. Jahirul Islam from first batch has been appointed as the president and Md. Saiful Aziz Shamseer has been appointed as the general secretary of the first executive committee, which has started working for 2018-2019 term.

The purpose of our alumni association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, SUST. This association exist to support the department's goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni and the current students.

Programs & Services

SUST CSE Alumni Association is a non-profit and non-political organization. The main goals of this assoication is as follow:

  • To uphold the image of CSE Department of SUST.
  • Creating bridges by creating opportunities for acquaintance between former students of the CSE SUST, and keeping the spirit of sympathy and cooperation among all.
  • If any of the members of the association face social or health disaster, then come forward with his help.
  • To provide financial assistance to the meritorious and poor students of CSE department.
  • To play an all round role in the development of the department.

Professional responsibilites are as follows:

  • Organize assembly, seminar, workshop, exhibition, reunion and travel by association.
  • To cooperate as much as possible on education and job related issues.

Intellectual goals are as below:

  • To constitute a welfare fund for national disaster and to work for the needs of the country and society and undertake initiatives of public welfare in the sense of funding.
  • To co-operate with similar organizations of national and international level.
  • To undertake other activities to achieve the above objectives.

Our History

SUST was established on 1986 and started it's career on 1991. ECS department started on 1992 and renamed to CSE on 1999. Our alumni association started it's operation since 2018.

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We are not just friends, we are family

Please be united and grow our CSE SUST community